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Rosie Britton

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As a painter I tend to either work fast, trying to keep things looking as fresh and spontaneous as possible,or I go to the other extreme and build up a patina of paint, a palimpsest that has an old and 'distressed' look about it. The two paintings below illustrate these very different approaches.

acrylic interior

In the painting of the orange trees I was trying to capture the mood of a fleeting moment when a handful of happy children were scrambling into the branches to pick the oranges for lunch.

In the second painting I was trying to achieve something very different: a sense of time-worn subtlety that for me seemed best achieved by building up layer upon layer of paint, with occasional hints of what was lying beneath the surface.

One attraction of acrylic paint is the transparency that can be achieved by using layers of glaze and the two paintings below illustrate my pleasure in this. In them I have especially enjoyed the contrast between the opaque areas and the transparent.


The joy of acrylic is that you can then drip it, wash it, spatter it, splash it, scrape it, scratch into it, shovel it on thick, glaze it to a whisper.... And if you don't like what you get, you can just go back on yourself and start again!

Comments on sketchbooks mixed media oils drawings Rosie Britton

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