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Comments on sketchbooks acrylics mixed media oils drawings

Rosie Britton

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I use several different styles in which to draw according to the purpose of my drawing. The kind of careful study that the rose illustrates is not something I often undertake.

When I am working in charcoal I usually relish the opportunity it provides to work freely, using the whole arm or even body, not trying to get things 'right' but gradually working towards an understanding of what is in front of me, building up layers of trial and error and gradually developing a relationship with my subject as I do so.

Sometimes I use prepared sheets of colour on which to work, and then the line between drawings and mixed media paintings is a fine one. Doing this helps free me up and occasionally adds its own perspective to what I am doing, as in the drawing below.

If I had to distinguish between my 'drawings' and my 'sketches' I would say that the mark-making and the nature of the medium matter to me as much as the subject matter in my 'drawings', whereas when I am sketching, nearly all my concentration is going into what I am trying to record and my desire to internalize the experience.

Comments on sketchbooks acrylics mixed media oils drawings

Rosie Britton

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