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Recent Work

I shall be displaying my work on a new website soon, but meantime this is more of a blog, recording my recent activities. My creaking software means that at the bottom of the page the order is somewhat eratic and one image is mysteriously repeated. My apologies: there seems little that I can do!

In Dorset Art Weeks 2018 I shall be exhibiting a range of work, from collages to oil paintings and digital images, from flower paintings and landscapes to abstracts.

In addition in the Autumn of 2017 I started a project on local churches that is still very much ongoing. I have always enjoyed painting churches, whether abroad:

or nearer to home:

In October I returned from a visit to Burgundy longing to be able to paint the wonderful abbeys and Romanesque churches there, till it occurred to me that living where we do in West Dorset I too was surrounded by beautiful ancient churches.

So I set about exploring about a dozen of those nearby, drawing more representationally than is usual for me in order to become familiar with them. In some, what attracted me was the wealth of ancient stonework or fragments of original stained glass.


or lovingly arranged flowers:

Perhaps, however, what proved the greatest pleasure was the setting of the mellow ancient buildings, nestling in some of our loveliest countryside. I have spent many happy hours drawing in peaceful, seldom-frequented spots, my solitude occasionally broken by interesting encounters with a variey of people of unfailing kindness, going about their business with the church. I have also had the opportunity to visit private gardens and grounds adjoining churches where I have enjoyed views seldom seen by the public.



or sometimes, the flowers so lovingly displayed.

I am now in the process of creating a series of collages based on my preparatory work.

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I am now in the proces of creating a series of collages, based on my preparatory work.