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Glastonbury Abbey

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Current Exhibition at Glastonbury Abbey

Along with 15 other artists, I am taking part in an exhibition at Glastonbury Abbey,

11th. February - 25 March 2012

The paintings and drawings below the poster are by me, but to see the rest, come to Glastonbury!

glastonbury abbey

Please click on the thumb nails for larger images:

Glastonbury abbey painting
Glastonbury abbey arches
Glastonbury abbey painting 3
Glastonbury abbey painting 4
Glastonbury abbey painting 5
Glastonbury abbey painting 6
Glastonbury abbey painting 7
Glastonbury abbey painting 8
Glastonbury abbey drawing
Glastonbury abbey painting 9

Please note that the last three images are photo-montages and only available as prints

Artist Statement for the Glastonbury Abbey Exhibition

All that remains of a once great abbey is, I find,  all that I need to feed my imagination.  Being a ruin, there is no clutter, no heavy Victoriana, no gloom, no power struggle, no baggage.  Just a sense of peace and poise, light and space, a place to which people come to feel in tune with whatever is deepest for them, a place to bring the kids or contemplate the universe, to feel the power of the ley lines, or celebrate religious conviction or a love of place, to brush up on history or just enjoy a picnic or a concert.  A place just to be.

I paint because it is a compulsion for me to try to express in that way what I feel most deeply about.  That is always difficult, always a challenge, often I wish I could just be content with the feelings!  Here amongst these ancient sacred buildings in the lea of Chalice Hill I feel as close to religious belief as I know how, and I strive to translate something of the mystery of that into paint. 

Thoughts on Collage

Glastonbury Abbey

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