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Rosie Britton

giclee prints of Ipad paintings

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Ipad Paintings Giclee prints

(Because of the way different screens are calibrated these images may not appear quite as they are in real life)

Giclee Prints of Ipad Paintings and computer-enhanced drawings

The giclee prints by David Hockney's of his ipad paintings at the RA exhibition "A Bigger Picture" inspired me to buy an ipad of my own. Since then I have been experimenting with the "Brushes" app and these paintings are some of the results. Click on thumb-nails for larger images:

giclee print Above Abbotsbury
giclee print Summer
giclee print Autumn
giclee print woodland glade
giclee print Abbotsbury Gardens
giclee print Cypresses
giclee print View Above Abbotsbury
giclee print Summer border
giclee print Celebrating summer
giclee print Sunset near Abbotsbury
giclee print Corfe castle
giclee print Apples of the sun
giclee print Lily fantasy
giclee print Tulips
giclee print Converations at Abbotsbury
giclee print Abbotsbury Fantasy

Editions are limited to 40. Signed and dated Giclee prints* are available for sale in any size up to 40" x 50" "

All sizes include a border of approximately 1" on three sides and 2" at the bottom


*Giclee prints are light-fast archival quality, used by leading galleries and museums.





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