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Few things give me as much pleasure in life as my sketchbooks. With them, I step out lightly with nothing but a few pencils, pens, a rubber, sharpener, and my camera.

I draw partly because this end result gives me such enjoyment, but even more because it is the best way I know of internalizing what I see and experience. Occasionally I will spend hours in front of a small piece of intricate plaster work or wrought iron, trying to understand and record it, not too concerned about the quality of the outcome and therefore free from stress and able to concentrate on what I am looking at rather than on my page.

Mostly, however, my sketches will be far more a gathering of impressions and enjoyment of atmosphere than for information, as with these of the surprisingly misty coast at Essaouira.

The time I have spent in careful study or quick sketch has made things my own, and fed my imagination, and that to me is what this kind of drawing is all about.

Later, back in my studio, my books of sketches form an important resource to help me recapture the experience of being there and plan my paintings.

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