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Rosie Britton

Dyes, Gouache, and Mixed Media by Rosie Britton
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Probably nothing liberates painters quite as much as using mixed media. Suddenly all the old rules are up for grabs, and the only question is, "Does it work?".

I love the fluidity and unpredictability of using dyes and inks, and often choose them for free-flowing,organic subjects, especially woodland.For underlying texture I love to use gesso, or a collage including scraps of old watercolours. Pens, pencils and charcoal often combine with a variety of different paints surprisingly well.

There are, of course, so many options, especially when one is not too concerned about how long things will last: pressed grasses, leaves and flowers; sand, mud and grit; local organic pigments acquired on holidays abroad. And to use as implements: picked-up feathers, reeds and twigs provide a wonderful freedom from constraint and a sense of connectedness with the environment in which one is working.


Comments on sketchbooks acrylics mixed media oils drawings

Rosie Britton

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